South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon

‚Äč(Rucksack is underneath the FROG)

Dan Sparks

Founder and Owner

Why r3Adventures?


r3 is short for rim to rim to rim. My crazy buddies and I would hike from the south rim to the north rim and then back to the south rim of the Grand Canyon non-stop as light as we could go!

My first assignment was on ODA-232 (SCUBA) in the 10th Special Forces Group. The rucksacks only got heavier. If you did have a sleeping bag strapped to your rucksack, the security posture was such that you really couldn't commit to getting into the bag because you had to be ready to move at a moment's notice. About the only thing you could reasonably use to stay warm was a poncho liner. There was always room in your ruck for a poncho liner, but it sure has it's limitations: can't keep you dry, always falls off and never really kept you warm.

I graduated from Ranger School in 1978 and have been involved in Army Special Forces for over 25 years. I have flown AH-1S Cobra Attack Helicopters on the East German Border; spent 20 years as an FBI Agent working violent street gangs and SWAT. I've  hunted black bears in Canada, roebucks in Germany, white tail deer and turkeys throughout the U.S. I know what its like to scout swim in the Baltic Sea when the water temperature is 32 degrees and the only thing to keep me warm when I reached land was a poncho liner. 

As a soldier and FBI Agent I always had to be ready, regardless of the situation or weather. I have spent countless hours in the cold and rain waiting for the "right time." Waiting in the cold and rain would have been a helluva lot easier had I been wearing a FROG. When it's the "right time", being warm, dry and mobile means maximum effectiveness on target. There is a finite amount of space on a Soldier's back and most of that space is taken up by equipment, ammo and food. 

Instead of carrying a separate coat, tent, poncho liner, and sleeping bag, why not combine all four into one garment? 

Since the FROG comes in two pieces, two people can stay warm and dry for the price of about four pounds and the space of just over a poncho liner. With a FROG, never again do you have to sacrifice security and readiness for warmth. Whether you are humping a 100 pound ruck or hiking the Bright Angel Trail of the Grand Canyon, the FROG reduces the load on your back. 

The FROG is the culmination of eight years of prototype development, trial and error, real world testing, finding the right materials and manufacturer to deliver a piece of kit that combines comfort, warmth, mobility, readiness and flexibility without carrying the kitchen sink.  With the FROG you get more bang for your buck and it's small enough to fit in your ruck. I only use high quality materials which are made and manufactured in America and offer a guarantee that's second to none. 

Thank you for visiting my site and considering the FROG!

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About Founder

I enlisted in the Army in 1977 and was assigned as a 60mm mortar gunner with the 1st Ranger Battalion in Ft. Stewart, GA. I quickly learned about a "Soldier's Load" on those long (12+ mile) road marches from OP 4 back to Ft. Stewart - the rucksacks were heavy and the creature comforts were non-existent. Every ounce of space was taken up by spare batteries, radios, ammo and food. I then volunteered for Special Forces thinking that somehow the rucksack would get lighter.