Four Roles: Jacket, Sleeping Bag, Shelter, Blanket

Attachment and detachment of the bottom half to/from jacket is done on the left side of the jacket.  Make sure both jacket zipper slides are against the top. Connect the jacket slides to the bottom half zipper and complete the connection around the entire bottom of the jacket. 

Closing the bottom half when connected to the jacket: make sure that both zipper stops are against the top (closest to your waist). Closing and opening occurs from the top (waist) to the bottom (feet).​

The bottom half has a central zipper allowing it to extend out and by deploying the bottom panel for full enclosure of the toe box. ​NOTE:  FROG used with the extended panel is not insulated.  It is recommended that you obtain booties for additional insulation in this mode.

The bottom half has a central zipper that allows it to extend out for blanket/shelter. The shelter mode requires deployment of the two panels on the bottom section. There are grommets on each of the four corners and an attachment point in the center.  To construct the shelter you will need bungee cords or 550 cord, tree branches or other attachment points. Hook one end of the bungee to the grommet and the other end to your attachment point. Repeat this process for all four corners and for the center which will form the roof.  

​NOTE: bungee and/or 550 cord not supplied.